JB Values

JB Values is a roblox jailbreak trading website with a variety of features made to assist you in trading. These include a value list, a value calculator, a dupe list, and much more!

Roblox Jailbreak Trading

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We have a value list created by a team of experienced traders to assist you in expanding your knowledge about values.


We have a calculator so that you can calculate your trades to see whether the trade is fair or not.

Dupe List

JB Values and JBTC have partnered to create a dupe list made to help you identify dupes while trading.


Follow us to be informed about stuff like values, trends, new items, and much more!


We have a Discord community filled with jailbreak players all across the globe with whom you can chat, ask for help, trade, and much more!

How do we determine values?

Our values are determined by averaging inputs from some of the most experienced and reputable traders in the community, who form our value team. They discusses values daily and participates in meetings approximately twice a week to go over market changes. Based on the discussions and analyses, value team members make submissions that include reasoning to explain the submitted value. Each submission undergoes a thorough review to ensure it is reasonable and unbiased before it can impact an item's value. Only those submissions that meet these criteria are accepted.

Where does item information come from?

All item information is sourced from official data provided by Badimo, or other trustworthy sources such as the Jailbreak Fandom.

Is JB Values 100% accurate?

Although it is impossible for a value list to be 100% accurate, as the market is constantly changing and is subjective to each trader, our team works extremely hard to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

How often is JB Values updated?

Submissions are created daily, and values are updated based off them every 6 minutes. While there will always be delays as we research changes prior to rolling them out, our goal is to update you on them as soon as possible.

What if an item is not on JB Values?

We try to add as many items as we possibly can, but primarily focus on having items that are popular and have a clear value. If you feel like there isn't an item on our value list that should be added, you can fill out our item request form.

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